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Gear List for Kilimanjaro & Everest Base Camp Treks

Over the years we have complied a list of gear required for a trip like climbing Kilimanjaro and the trek to Everest Base Camp. So I have attached an Excell Speadsheet and PDF of the list used by team mates and I.

Remember you will have a weight limit checking in at the airport and also on the mountain when your bags are assigned to a porter.

So here is a list you can print out and use when shopping, checking and packing. I have included 3 columns "Got" for the items you have bought/have already, "Tried" meaning you have used it, checked it out and know which is up. The last column is "Packed" so you know when it's in packed. Pre-trip jitters can have you unpacking in the airport terminal, trying to quadruple-check you packed spare torch batteries. Once it's in the bag, it's in the bag!

The list doesn't cover things like passports and other documents, but that will be covered in my next post - 10 Travel Tips I use to stay calm, collected and colera free.

Packing for Everest

A huge thank you to John Black whose Excel Lists have saved us potential disasters on our journeys across the globe.

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