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Bucket list time machine

It isn't often that something from my Chuck-it list makes its way back onto my Bucket List. After Freddie Mercury died in 1991, myself and millions of Queen fans around the world knew seeing these rock legends live in concert was gone forever.

But last night was like stepping into a time machine as we were transported back to witness the man in the yellow leather jacket once more. "It's a kind of magic" is an Australian production who have brought Freddie back from grave and back into our hearts. To call them a cover band doesn't do them justice. They do cover the songs, but also the costumes, mannerisms and the electrifying charisma that was Mercury. With hits like Radio Gaga, I want to break free (ala the music video) and an encore of epic proportion (no spoilers)...this is a chance to explain to your children that the iconic melody, Under Pressure, was created when Vanilla Ice was still in Nappies.

I'm not one for seeing the world through my phone screen, but I did capture a taster for everyone out there, in a hope you can scratch this once in a lifetime event from your list.

So put this one back onto your list to live for. They are on at the Nelson Mandela Theatre in johannesburg until 6 February, so dust off your Ray Ban Aviators and be prepared because this will rock you. The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.


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