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Well here's an idea...

It's always the case, when I think of something for my list I'm nowhere near my notebook, phone or computer. But when you do have time to think about it, nothing springs to mind. I stumbled across a notebook I wrote in on one of my Kilimanjaro trips. It's a list of things that could be added to your Bucket List. So read through the list and if anything grabs your fancy, write it down or better yet, pick up the phone or hit the internet and get the project started. And if you've done some of the things on this list, give yourself a High-Five (onlookers may think you're out of your tree - so forward them the link to read it themselves )



Finish Matric

Learn Zulu

Climb Kilimanajro

Host a Halloween Party

Finish that Degree

Hike the Otter Trail

Visit all 9 SA Provinces

Run Comrades Marathon

Collect clothes for a local charity

Donate blood

Have a make over

Vonuteer a few hours a month - Anywhere

Take a Thai cooking course

See the Northern Lights

Get a First Aid certification

Train a guide dog

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Stop smokiing

Sponsor someone through school

Swim with dolphins

Jump out of a perfectly good plane

Whale watching

Learn Bonsai

Adopt an animal at the zoo

Swim Midmar

Do a reflexology course

Visit Robben Island

Become an organ donor

Break a world record

Do an advanced driving course

Lose 20kg

Get a tattoo

Make a photobook of your overseas holiday

Feed another family at Christmas

Be in a survival situation

Do some exercise for 90 days in a row

Visit the Amazon

Give flowers to a stranger

Test drive a car you'll never afford

Make someone else's wish come true

Climb a Redwood tree in California

I hope this sparked an idea or ten. The new year is approaching fast. Take a little time to get your list off to a good start. Give it the time it deserves. Make the upcoming year the year it happened for you, not just another "Where did the year go? I wish I had done more." kind of year. The years aren't going by any quicker, it's our priorities that are distorting how fast time goes by.

I would love to hear from you and about what is on your Bucket List. Contact me and maybe we'll feature you on this blog!

Tracey and I are going hot air ballooning tomorrow, so I'm signing off to get an early night ahead of the 3:30am wake tomorrow! Up, up and away!


The Bucket lIst Guru

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