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The Bucket List Effect (™Pending)

I am currently working on the foundation of a book covering the concept of The Bucket List Effect (™pending). It describes the mentality, process and results of implementing relevent and developmental goals. Simply put: Using your bucket list to do more of the stuff you like, and and the effect on you as a person, those around you and the aspects of your life like relationships and your career .

The starting point is an exploration of the things that make you "Tick".

I like the word “tick” because the analogy of a clock is suitable to describe what it means for someone to tick. Ticking is the first way to determine if a clock is functional or not. It’s either ticking or it’s isn’t. If the clock is silent it’s a pretty good assumption that it not performing as it was intended to, the information on the face, if any, is probably inaccurate, but also, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know what is happening on the inside of the clock either. A broken clock has no function any more, it has no ability to contribute to the world it was brought into and at best, perhaps certain parts of it could be stripped out and used to repair other clocks, but the identity and purpose of that particular clock will be gone.

However when a clock is ticking as it should, the entire mechanism is functioning as it was intended to. There is a good chance the information it is portraying on its face is reflection of the world around it, but most of all, all the little cogs, wheels and levers are working, as they were intended to as well.

So ticking is a good word to use to describe the things that indicate that you are alive, inside and out and if you are ticking correctly, your face will be a good indication of this as well.

If you were a clock and ticking properly, it is pretty obvious that you would be living a life full of purpose, energy and you would have the ability to contribute to enrich the lives of those you engage with.

That's just the starting point and below is a video of Alan Watts' speech that was a inpsiration to my work. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or topics you like to suggest for me to cover, please contact me via the CONTACT page and remember to "Like" Robby:That Bucket List Guy" Facebook page or follow me on Twitter

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