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Your MIcro-Bucket List

On a Sunday evening, one of my favourite things to do is spend 30 minutes in the Jacuzzi at the local gym. It’s really simple. My phone doesn’t like the Jacuzzi, it’s quiet and it’s the perfect opportunity to vegetate and sometimes plan ahead for the week that is to be. Sometimes it’s good to stretch or let the jets massage tired muscles, but mostly the Jacuzzi is good for doing nothing more than nothing.

So last night, being Sunday, as I sat there, I got to thinking about something I sort of named the Micro-Bucket List.

Now all the work I am doing around people and their Bucket Lists has grown into so much more than that list of adrenaline-soaked moments of madness, and is primarily centred around the things that make people “tick” or those things in life that make the journey worthwhile. A Bucket List is no longer tainted as a to-do list for the dying, but has been revolutionised to be tool for people to start living.

A Micro-Bucket List, works similarly to your normal Bucket List in the fact that it is there get to do more of the things you enjoy in life, except this list comprises of little things…thus Micro.

On my Micro List, as I mentioned is Jacuzzi Sundays. It’s may seem ridiculous and barely the basis for a blog entry, but it is an important ritual I have grown to enjoy and it is one the little things that really rounds a weekend off well for me.

We cannot live from one massive high to the next and so a Micro-List is a good way to fill the gaps and keep spirits up with small doses of happiness. It is also a great crash course in Appreciation of the Smaller Things in Life 101.

Also on my Micro-List is peanut butter on hot toast and buying new trainers. The smaller things that eventually add up to become the big things.

So, what’s on your list? What are those little things that can turn any given day from a 7 to an 8? By forcing yourself to identify what makes you happy, we focus on the positives and subconsciously we tend to aim toward them and before you know it there’s a snowball on the loose down a hill, gaining momentum as it goes.

So…Make the time, prioritise the small things in life that you really like doing and you’ll see the little things start making big differences.

Why not share your list with those close to you? Imagine the impact you could have on someone’s day with just a slice of toast and some peanut butter.

Drop me a mail if you’d like to share your list, I’d like to know what your little things are.

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