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There's one in every office.

Look around, if you can't see him, it might be you.

He's that guy who has accumulated more leave than friends on Facebook. He lists 'TV and magazines' under hobbies on his CV and his only superpower is his uncanny ability to knowl how many minutes until 5pm at any moment in the workday. Let's be honest, you only know he took a sick day because the coffee and the toilet paper lasts longer.

This guy is sick and sad and frighteningly contagious...and he's probably on your payroll. But forget the Chicken Soup, this guy needs a Red Bull for the Soul.

That's the title of my latest keynote presentation. Dealing with the zombie apocalypse that's sweeping over the nation, where lost souls are roaming the Earth aimlessly in a boredom-induced coma.

The presentation proposes a positive lifestyle adjustment attributed to the influence of identifying and documenting, planning and achieving significant, measurable and relevant objectives. (Get yourself a Bucket List)

A Bucket Lists used to be a list of things to do before you kick the proverbial bucket. I have evolved the idea into a tool to really start living - happily and simply.

Writing your Bucket List will force you to take the time to consider what used to make you happy. (Not as easy as it sounds. Try list 10 things that make you happy in 10 seconds.)

Your Bucket List is also a representation of who you are. It's not a just a list of adrenaline-drenched screamfests. It covers everything from your career, family, personal growth to even productive timeouts.

I am by no means telling you to resign and run off and become a semi-pro boogie boarder or a Victoria Secret focus groupy. I'm presenting a practical approach to a life that is as fulfilling and meaningful as it is real, because we all know that happiness won't buy you money.

I don't want to spill too much much of the beans, but consider this thought-provoking, engaging and hilarious talk for your next meeting, conference or energiser session.

It's time to put "Inspired and Passionate people" on your team's Bucket List. I believe that if you want to fix the business, first you need to fix the individuals that are building it, because people are happiest, healthiest and most productive doing the things that matter to them. For more details check out the SPEAKING page and let's discuss blowing the socks off everyone at your next meeting.

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